Friday, February 19, 2010

E-Commerce Web Design

If you want to provide online services then e-commerce website is exactly what you need. Through this website you can sell your products online and can interact with the customers also. For having a E-Commerce website you must have the following things. You must ask for the following to be included in you E-commerce website. These will make your users experience easier and much more enjoyable.
1. Search feature :- Your website must have search feature through which customers can easily find the products or services that they are looking for.
2. Flash banner :- In order to make your website visually appealing your website must have a flash banner. This will draw more traffic for the website.
3. Visible shopping cart :- This is one of the most important thing that must be included in your E-Commerce website.
4. Clear contact information :- Your contact details like phone number,mobile number,e-mail address must be clearly mentioned in the website so that customers can contact you at their ease.
5. Special offer section :- Their must be a section in your website which will display the special offers that your company is offering.This will attract more visitors to your website.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Top 10 Reasons To Create A Customised Website

Here are the top 10 reasons to have a customised website:-
1. Brand your business :- A unique website that is tailored to your business will help brand it in the minds of your customers.
2. Clean HTML :- The coding must be properly done so that search engines can quickly index your web pages.
3. Fast load time :- Do not use many images and animations as it may slow down the load time of your website which is not appreciated by the viewers.
4. Search engine friendly :- Your website must be well optimized for the search engines. This is because if your website does not appear in the major search engines then traffic wont come to your website.
5. Clean navigation :- Your site must have proper navigation so that viewers can navigate all the pages from the homepage.
6. Website structure :- The way search engines spiders your web pages depends on the structure of your website.
7. Ability to add special features :- Your website must have the ability to add special features.
8. Design flexibility :- A custom design allows the customer to add his or her own personal preferences into the design.
9. Customized look and feel :- A good designer will coordinate the colors,page background,images,navigation and content.
10. Technical support :- This is essential to keep your site secured from unethical things like hacking.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What factors to keep in mind while choosing a website designing company

Presently there are a number of website designing companies in the market. So it becomes very difficult for customers to select the perfect website designing company for himself. But this selection must be done very carefully. The reason behind this being a website reflects the reputation of the company so it must be designed very carefully. Following factors should be kept in mind while choosing a website designing company:-
1. The company must have a good profile. The portfolio of the company should be good and impressive.
2. You must be able to get a feedback about the company from its past clients. In this way you can form a opinion about the company's profile.
3. The company must be punctual. It should start the project on the date that you want them to and deliver the project within the stipulated period of time.
4. The company must submit your website to all the performing search engines.
5. You must be aware of the fact whether the work is done by the company or whether it is outsourced.
6. You must know who will retain the intellectual property rights of the website and the domain.

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