Sunday, December 20, 2009

Create a Good First Impression With Great Website Design

Presently the best way to interact with customers is to have a website of your company or organisation. You should have a good website designed for your company. Before hiring a website design company you must see whether they are fulfilling your requirements or not. These are a few guidelines in order to have a good website design:-
1. Good content :- The content is one of the major part the website. You must have a good content with proper keywords. The content should be crisp and short and at the same time it should also be interesting.
2. Browser compatibility:- Most of the website designing companies tend to avoid the browser compatibility factor. They develop a website that can only be viewed in IE. But people tend to use other browser apart from IE.
3. Good usage of graphics :- You must use graphics in order to make your website attractive. But don't use too much of graphics because it can increase the load time of the page.
4. Proper use of colours :- You should use colours in your website that are apt for the product that you are promoting.
5. Proper navigation :- Your website should have proper navigation. The user must be able to navigate all the pages of the site from the homepage.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Importance of Incorporating Unique Content Into Your Website Design

Today internet has become one of the major platform of business. You can communicate with your customer if you are having a website for your company or organization. But in order to maintain your target audience you must have an attracting and enticing website. For this you need to have good content in your website. The content of your website should draw traffic towards your website. For this you need to follow some tips. these are as follows:-
1. Develop rich and original content :- Both users and search engines love content. You must have a content which is having relevant information in it. It should not be filled with images and pictures but it must have original and rich content in it. By providing high quality content on your website or blog, you will successfully attract visitors searching for information related to your business services and products as captured in your content.
2. Optimize your content :- Your content should be well optimized. It should have relevant keywords in it. There has to be keywords or its synonyms in Titles, Subtitles and Subheadings.
3. Link building :- In order to draw traffic to your website use a variety of other websites backlink.
By following these you can have a great website.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Website Design Tips For Site Appearance

The success of a website lies in the fact that people are viewing your website. In order to draw traffic towards your website your website must have a good appearance. If your site is not having a good appearance then people will not see it.
In this regard the first thing that you must keep in mind is your site should not take much time to load. If a viewer finds that it is taking more than 20-30 seconds for your site to load then immediately they cancel it and look for some other site. In order to reduce this loading time you have to keep certain things in mind. You should not use a lot of animation or pictures in your site. You also not use irrelevant content in your website.
Secondly, use of colours in your site is very important. Users emphasis a lot on the colours. You should not use such colours that make your content difficult to read. You need to keep the look of your website current. As new technologies are developed, you need to integrate those technologies, if for no other reason but to keep your website looking relevant. If you follow these factors then you can have a good site appearance for your website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Website Design - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Site

The top 5 mistakes that you should not commit while designing a website are as follows:-
1. Too much personalization of your homepage:- While creating website the sole concern should be the users. You should not personalize the homepage with your details,photos etc. This is unprofessional. Use the 'about us' page for this.
2. Don't make your site too flashy :- You must keep your site simple. Do not use too much animations,videos etc. This can make your site take more time to load.
3. Don't give too many options on a page :- You should not confuse customers with too many links on a same page. Navigation of pages from the homepage must be easy.
4. Ignoring to address security issues :- Ensuring the security and privacy of your website is an essential goal and lapses in this regard can permanently damage your business reputation.
5. Avoid using excessive advertisements :- Don't use too many pop ups and advertisements throughout all the pages of your site. Only use relevant advertisements in your site.
You can have a great website by avoiding these top 5 mistakes.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 cardinal rules for Web Site design

The Internet is a great resource for web site design tools that you can either purchase or download for free. This strategy is usually followed by people or companies who are having a limited budget. But by using these tools you may have a website that is hardly viewed by people. So if you want to design your own website then you must follow these 3 cardinal rules :-
1. Write compelling content :- You must keep in mind that the sole intention of having a website is that people gets to know the information that they are looking for. It is not essential to have a very attractive website but atleast your website should have the relevant and essential content that the viewer is looking for.
2. Simple website design :- You should not use too many images and animations in your website. this makes your website too jazzy and flashy. You must keep your site simple and contents should be easily understood.
3. Include a site map :- For the convenience of your readers you must include a site map so that the readers can easily navigate through the different pages.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Home page of your website design

The homepage of your website is the most important page page of the website and hence it must be designed properly. The homepage reflects the identity of your company and organization. This is required to organize information or links for the user to browse the site. All the pages of your site must be connected to this page. The user must be able to navigate the different pages of your website easily from the homepage. It should consist of complete table of contents and menus of the website. The homepage of a well designed website must have an attractive homepage. An attractive homepage draws the attraction of the viewer.
Some of the different web page designs are menu, splash, path based and news oriented homepages.
1. Menu:- In this type of design format all the links are placed in the form of menu.
2. Splash :- Flash and animation can shown more efficiently in this page. It is a fast loading page and it opens information in a very small time.
You should design a homepage that fulfills your requirements.

Key elements to make your website design the best

The key elements to make your website design the best are:-
1.Good homepage:- You should have a good homepage that includes your business requirements, your logo and what you are selling. The page must look sharp and include all your services.
2.Proper update of information:- Your website must be properly updated with current information. When clients visit your website they must get current information.
3.Use of graphics:- The website must be made attractive with graphics. Through graphic you can draw the attention of the user to the logo, the navigation bar and the services that you offer.
4.Proper navigation:- There should be proper navigation between the pages. If a client is interested on a product and finds it to hard to navigate then you will definitely lose a client.
While designing a website you must remember that it should be clean,creative,organized,up to date and easy to navigate.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tips to find an affordable website design

These are some of the following tips to find an affordable website design:-
1. Check for affordable sites:- Type the words "affordable website design" in some of the best search engine like Google and search for the results that best match your affordability condition.
2. Search for best suited website:- First go through the website that meets your needs. Check their homepage, if it is not good and user friendly then it can never provide a good website for you.
3. Compare rates:- Compare the rate cards of various websites in order to have an affordable website for yourself.
4. Contact good designers:- Try to contact good designers through various sources. Choose designers with good marketing skill who can make your website marketable on the internet.
5. Check rating sites:- You can use rating sites which rates all sorts of products and services. There you can also find comments of previous users on their services.

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