Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Web Design For Beginners

Many people search the Internet these days, either on their business or simply a link to another blog or even a family website. Once upon a time, a professional-looking website design means that you either hire someone, a website for you, or you have to learn HTML programming. Those days are over, if you know where to look.

There are many resources for website designers, but very few focus on creating an effective web site can be updated easily and also looks like it was professionally done. A major problem is that there are millions of websites, whose web design has been done long ago, and now they have not be updated, months or even years!

I think that many people with the page, and then it is very easy to update, or could pay someone to create, but can not afford to pay someone to update it.


werner from opencircle.co.za said...

the solution to this would be to add a CMS(content management system) to your website then you can do your own updates.

Offshore Web Design said...

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Web Design Quote said...

You highlight the point in your post that is very much true. I have also scene so many website which are not update since long time ago.

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business logo design said...

You are absolutely right that there are a lot of designer but only few designers can create something new or you can say there are few designers have creativity in their work.

Web Design Company said...

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hippop tamizhan said...

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