Friday, January 8, 2010

8 specific ways to avoid some common web design mistakes

The 8 specific mistakes are as follows:-
1. Avoid using too small and flashy fonts :- While designing your website you must keep the visitors in mind and should use fonts that can be easily read.
2. Break content blocks into small size :- The content should not be written in long paragraphs. It should be written in points using bullets.
3. Clearly communicate what the site is all about :- Visitors are most interested to know what your site is all about. You have a brief window of opportunity to convert a first-time visitor into a repeat customer - so the more clearly and quickly you can communicate your message, the better.
4. Skip fancy introductions :- You should not waste time by having fancy introductions. The visitor must get to know what your site is all about as fast as possible.
5. Avoid auto playing music :- This must be avoided as it can distract certain visitors.
6. Incorporate value added audio or video :- This can make your site interesting but just keep in mind that the load time of your site does not increase.
7. Avoid clutter :- Too many badges, banners, association labels or other items can take away from or confuse your ultimate message.
8. Limit scrolling :- Certain amount of vertical scrolling is necessary but it must be avoided as much as possible.


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