Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Key Ingredients of Outstanding Web Design

This is the age of website design. In this market of huge competition it is very important to develop a good website in order to draw the traffic towards your website. You can have a good web design by following 4 key ingredients. These are as follows:-
1. Consistency :- Though it is important that different pages of the website must be different but there must be an uniform feel throughout the website. This consistency can be achieved by maintaining same font and colour scheme in the entire website.
2. Visual appeal :- Your website must be visually appealing. Your main purpose should be to draw the traffic towards your website. You can achieve this through proper usage of graphics, images and animations.
3. Ease of navigation :- Navigation is a very important element. While designing a website you must keep this thing in mind. The user should be able to navigate all the pages of your website easily from the homepage.
4. Quality content :- Your website must have informative content. The content must be crisp and interesting.
If your website is having all these ingredients then it will compel the user to browse your website for a long time.


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