Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Google's Website Design is Effective

The values and image of Google is communicated via Google's website design. This website design is a symbol of who Google is and what it stands for.
If you are not acquainted with Google then you must check the design of the homepage o Google. You'll notice that is has a very simple design--there is the logo, search box, about 14 important/popular links scattered around the page, and a link to "more." The only graphic in the entire homepage of Google is the logo of Google(that to a simple one).
This design of this page hasn't changed much since Google's creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were grad students at Stanford in 1998. You can see the site design from December 1999 (the earliest available) through the Way back Machine (http://web.archive.org/web/19981202230410/http://www.google.com/).
Lets take a quick snapshot behind the history of Google' logo. The design of Google logo is simple because Larry and Sergey weren't designers and couldn't afford a designer.But it was a big hit with their early users. The clean design implied purity, and it stood out from the animated, music-playing, cluttered websites that were all over the Internet at that time. The main advantage of Google's simple logo is it didn't like it was trying to sell something and this earned some quick fans for Google.
Certain things to learn from Google's website is :-
1. Focus your home page on what you most want your visitor to do--or what they most want to do.
2. The website design of your website should reflect the personality of your company.


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