Sunday, December 20, 2009

Create a Good First Impression With Great Website Design

Presently the best way to interact with customers is to have a website of your company or organisation. You should have a good website designed for your company. Before hiring a website design company you must see whether they are fulfilling your requirements or not. These are a few guidelines in order to have a good website design:-
1. Good content :- The content is one of the major part the website. You must have a good content with proper keywords. The content should be crisp and short and at the same time it should also be interesting.
2. Browser compatibility:- Most of the website designing companies tend to avoid the browser compatibility factor. They develop a website that can only be viewed in IE. But people tend to use other browser apart from IE.
3. Good usage of graphics :- You must use graphics in order to make your website attractive. But don't use too much of graphics because it can increase the load time of the page.
4. Proper use of colours :- You should use colours in your website that are apt for the product that you are promoting.
5. Proper navigation :- Your website should have proper navigation. The user must be able to navigate all the pages of the site from the homepage.


James said...

Very good tips. Well written and explained too. I would also consider taking some SEO tips of web designing along with it because they can help the site to get better sales and find potential customers too.

hippop tamizhan said...

wow, this is really interesting and very useful post, thanks for sharing mate .... by OPS 571 Final Exam provider.

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