Monday, December 14, 2009

Key elements to make your website design the best

The key elements to make your website design the best are:-
1.Good homepage:- You should have a good homepage that includes your business requirements, your logo and what you are selling. The page must look sharp and include all your services.
2.Proper update of information:- Your website must be properly updated with current information. When clients visit your website they must get current information.
3.Use of graphics:- The website must be made attractive with graphics. Through graphic you can draw the attention of the user to the logo, the navigation bar and the services that you offer.
4.Proper navigation:- There should be proper navigation between the pages. If a client is interested on a product and finds it to hard to navigate then you will definitely lose a client.
While designing a website you must remember that it should be clean,creative,organized,up to date and easy to navigate.


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