Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Website Design - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Site

The top 5 mistakes that you should not commit while designing a website are as follows:-
1. Too much personalization of your homepage:- While creating website the sole concern should be the users. You should not personalize the homepage with your details,photos etc. This is unprofessional. Use the 'about us' page for this.
2. Don't make your site too flashy :- You must keep your site simple. Do not use too much animations,videos etc. This can make your site take more time to load.
3. Don't give too many options on a page :- You should not confuse customers with too many links on a same page. Navigation of pages from the homepage must be easy.
4. Ignoring to address security issues :- Ensuring the security and privacy of your website is an essential goal and lapses in this regard can permanently damage your business reputation.
5. Avoid using excessive advertisements :- Don't use too many pop ups and advertisements throughout all the pages of your site. Only use relevant advertisements in your site.
You can have a great website by avoiding these top 5 mistakes.


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