Monday, December 14, 2009

Home page of your website design

The homepage of your website is the most important page page of the website and hence it must be designed properly. The homepage reflects the identity of your company and organization. This is required to organize information or links for the user to browse the site. All the pages of your site must be connected to this page. The user must be able to navigate the different pages of your website easily from the homepage. It should consist of complete table of contents and menus of the website. The homepage of a well designed website must have an attractive homepage. An attractive homepage draws the attraction of the viewer.
Some of the different web page designs are menu, splash, path based and news oriented homepages.
1. Menu:- In this type of design format all the links are placed in the form of menu.
2. Splash :- Flash and animation can shown more efficiently in this page. It is a fast loading page and it opens information in a very small time.
You should design a homepage that fulfills your requirements.


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